Erina Heights Vet Hospital Services


EHVH utilizes technology and equipment which enables the diagnosis and treatment (both medically and surgically) of most conditions seen in a small animal practice.
We use a "state of the art" IM3 dental machine unit used to perform routine dentals through to more complex procedures. It enables full extractions and ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing, effectively treating the most common disease affecting domestic pets – periodontal disease.
As most canine & feline teeth are multirooted, any extractions for all but the very loose require the tooth to be sectioned with a high speed cutting bur in a hand piece driven by compressed air. Another bur is used to remove bone surrounding the roots to allow for a seamless extraction. Sutures are often placed in the gums to close the remaining defect. Ultrasonic scaling and then tooth polishing with single use prophy cups completes the service. Our dedicated digital dental X-ray machine is vital to diagnose hidden pathology under the gumline not evident with a dental probe.

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