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Desex Surgery

At EHVH we have reviewed our advice on the recommended age of desexing in dogs after evidence of increased risk of orthopaedic disease (cruciate disease & developmental bone disease) and soft tissue tumours in those desexed before maturity. The extra 3-6 months delay beyond the previously recommended age of 6 months may make a difference for your pet. With females, there is always the risk of pregnancy, so you as the owner need to make the decision on the optimal desex age based on your individual circumstances.
All male & female desex surgeries include intravenous fluid & IV catheters, individual sterile packeted sutures, intradermal (or hidden) skin sutures which means no removing of sutures two weeks after the operation & no visible sutures for your pet to chew, minimising complications; pre & post op narcotic analgesia and post op nsaid type analgesia at home, along with standard anaesthesiic monitoring expected of our practice.

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