Erina Heights Vet Hospital Services

Digital & Dental Radiology

EHVH utilizes technology and equipment which enables the diagnosis and treatment (both medically and surgically) of most conditions seen in a small animal practice.
Erina Heights Vet Hospital provides the latest in Digital X-Ray Technology, imperative in getting an accurate diagnosis and therefore a better understanding of your pet’s health problem. Our digital X-ray facility means rapid results with less radiation exposure for your family pet. Digital images are easily emailed to a specialist for an immediate opinion if necessary, and you will receive your own CD copy of the images.
It is not ideal to use a 'normal' X-ray machine for the mouth, EHVH uses a dedicated dental radiology machine, (further reducing radiation exposure) it is vital in discovering enamel defects & hidden bone infections under the gumline before they cause distress for your family pet!
Breeders are able to take advantage of routine screening programs for diseases such as elbow and hip dysplasia. EHVH is a fully certified PennHIP practice - the most accurate method of diagnosing hip dysplasia from as early as 16 weeks of age.

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