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Flea & Tick Control

Paralysis ticks are a deadly risk on the east coast of Australia, and year-round prevention is recommended. Paralysis ticks cause an ascending paralysis, characterised by wobbly back legs, loss of bark, gagging, vomiting, respiratory compromise and can quickly progress to death. If you think your puppy shows any of these signs, contact your vet immediately.
We recommend giving the monthly chewable tablet Simparica for flea and tick prevention. This product kills fleas and ticks within 8hrs and unlike other products, maintains this speed of kill all month long. Simparica is also effective against sarcoptic mange, ear mites and demodex mites.
In cats we recommend a newly developed product for our feline friends called Bravecto. It is a topical spot-on product that is applied to the back of the neck.
No method of tick prevention is 100% effective so we still recommended daily tick searches particularly in tick season from July to January each year.
Learn more here about fleas and ticks.

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