Erina Heights Vet Hospital Services

12 Point Health Check

During your family pet's annual "wellness" consultation and/or vaccination, dogs and cats undergoing a routine examination will receive a 12 Point Health Report with comment on a comprehensive "body" systems check – this is a key component in preventative animal health.  "Starting off on the right paw" is essential in a healthy family pet, particularly in regard to nutrition, so is working from "nose to tail" in the annual health check. We will discuss dental/oral hygiene; eyes and ears, and work through the chest and abdominal areas. Skin and ear diseases are usually linked. We find that in a routine examination of a supposedly healthy "no problem" patient presenting for their annual check or vaccination, that many pets have some clinical disease which is best treated in the early stages.

Vet Nurse Consult

Appointments are available to see a fully trained nurse if your concern is about diet, fleas, behavioural problems etc. The benefit to you is: if the vet doesn't need to see you, it will be lighter on your pocket and the advice you will be getting is from a trained professional. Erina Heights Vet Hospital is very fortunate to have 11 fully qualified Certificate IV Nurses. If the nurse is of the opinion that your pets' condition warrants a veterinary examination then an appointment with a vet can be arranged asap. Whilst all our nurses provide general animal care in daily clinical routines, our nurses with Certificate IV accreditation are qualified to provide specific animal care advice, coordinate patient admission & discharge, perform medical and surgical nursing routines in theatre, pathology procedures, apply radiograph routines and carry out dental nursing routines, ensuring the highest level of care and comfort for your family pet.

pet health checksTelephone us on 4384 5888 to make your appointment Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm or Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 12 noon.