Erina Heights Vet Hospital Services

Special Interests

We all have particular interests.
Michael has vast experience and interest in orthopaedic surgery particularly patella luxations and various cruciate repair type surgeries including TTA's (tibia tuberosity advancment). He is also PennHip certified for hip dysplasia diagnosis.
Melissa is completing her masters in Internal Medicine from Massey University and problem medicine cases are her forte. She also has a keen interest in clinical leadership and staff development, emergency medicine, soft tissue surgery and canine reproduction.
Holly has completed a postgraduate qualification of ANZCVS Membership in Emergency and Critical Care and enjoys 'pocket pet' medicine and surgery.
Jesse enjoys ophthalmology and brings his expertise with reptiles to EHVH. Reptiles together with rabbits and guinea pigs have become more common as household pets in recent years with urbanisation.
Audrey has a keen passion for behavioural medicine, small animal emergency and critical care, soft tissue surgery and physiotherapy.
Cameron has a special interest in soft tissue surgery and internal medicine.
Catherine has a special interest in cardiology, emergency medicine, dermatology, avian medicine and orthopaedics.

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