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Have you notice brown staining on the teeth or bad breath?

Both natural and commercial diets can be at fault here. Wet or moist foods (canned, minced or diced meats) fed as a large part of the diet are particularly at fault; but dry food kibble size is often at fault also, as manufacturers tend to make the dry food too small even for the small breeds. It is generally best to avoid food labelled as "small breed".
The ideal basis of the diet should be a good quality commercial dry food. Table leftovers may be added; however, avoid an excess of fat, salt, carbohydrate or starch as these often contribute to stomach upsets and obesity. We recommend Royal Canin dry food, particularly their Dental range.
We don’t recommend feeding your dogs bones as these can pose a choking hazard, increase the risk of becoming stuck in the gastrointestinal tract, increased risk of gastroenteritis and fracturing teeth.
Consistently better oral hygiene and calculus prevention is seen in cats and dogs on this food regime. Remember good oral care in the younger years means less chance of kidney and heart problems in the geriatric pet.

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