Erina Heights Vet Hospital Services


At EHVH we offer an extensive range of orthopaedic services and where appropriate, rehabilitation in our heated underwater treadmill plus access to an individual personalised "canine exercise program".

Cruciate ligament repair

ossabiity TTA wedge cruciate ligament repair surgery cruciate ligament xray
The technique of choice for your pet will be based on bodyweight, age, concurrent disease and finances. We offer the usual lateral suture technique (using patented "Ligafiba" as the prosthetic ligament); as well as the more complex osteotomy procedure known as tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA). We follow the "OssAbility" technique of using titanium mesh wedges in the advancement with plate & screw fixation of the tibial crest to the main tibial shaft. All cruciate surgery here will include examination for meniscal damage, and removal of damaged cartilage as appropriate. Patient selection in some cases may require surgery by an orthopaedic specialist, who we can refer you to in Sydney. Cruciate Ligament Disease.

Patellar Luxation Surgery

Is a routine surgery done at EHVH, and includes tibial tuberosity transposition and a block trochleoplasty as standard.

Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis

As a preemptive surgery for those patients diagnosed on radiographs (with a distraction view) at 16-20 weeks of age with a hip laxity predictive of later development of hip degenerative joint disease or hip dysplasia.
We suggest new pup owners of prone HD breeds strongly consider pelvic XRays at 16-18 weeks of age.

Trauma Repairs

including hip luxations, fractures requiring internal fixation (plates, screws, pins) or external fixateur repair.

Degenerative Joint Disease (osteoarthritis)

Surgery is available for select cases where conservative treatment has been tried.
EHVH is a fully certified PennHIP practice - the most accurate method to measure hip dysplasia.