Erina Heights Vet Hospital Services


EHVH is committed to providing fast, accurate diagnostics to alleviate any discomfort or pain for your family pet. Our technology and equipment enables the diagnosis and treatment (both medically and surgically) of most conditions seen in a small animal practice. Our on-site blood cell counter and multiple biochemistry analyser gives a full blood screen in 12 minutes, especially important in emergency and critical care cases.
It also means that on the day of your pet's surgery we can get a blood report on the fitness or otherwise of your pet before anaesthesia & surgery. There are many occasions where an abnormal report has postponed surgery & allowed early intervention in another direction. A specialist Sydney veterinary laboratory complements our needs with specific blood tests, tissue sampling and microbiology tests.
We also have a single blood test chemistry analyser which is very useful in monitoring diabetics (blood glucose test) and chronic kidney failure cases (blood urea test).

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