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PennHIP Certification

Hip Dysplasia Screening is vital for dog breeders to reduce the incidence of hip arthritiship dysplasia in dogs in particular breeds. The hip screening procedure known as PennHIP has proven to be the most accurate and precise method to measure hip laxity which is the key factor in the development of canine hip dysplasia. It identifies, as early as 16 weeks, dogs that are susceptible to developing hip dysplasia. This offers breeders the opportunity to make early decisions on breeding stock and allows the vet to advise pet owners on lifestyle adjustments and preventative strategies to minimise the pain and progression of the disease. A complete PennHIP evaluation includes a consultation, sedation/anesthesia, and submission of a minimum of five PennHIP radiographs to the PennHIP Analysis Centre for evaluation. Please contact us for further information on this valuable procedure. For more information view the PennHIP website directly